SaaS Access Acceleration

Significantly improve user experience of SaaS applications access to increase productivity at work.

Use Scenarios

CloudWAN is widely used in the optimization of accessing SaaS platforms like:



With the deployment of CloudWAN CPE at office sites, the user traffic to the servers of SaaS applications can be redirected to CloudWAN core network. Mobile users can connect CloudWAN network with CloudWAN client software to access SaaS services.


Integrated with advanced WAN optimization technology to improve user experience of all types of applications
Access dynamic destination with optimal routing selection
Rapid & flexible deployment
Better global netowork coverage than IPLS and MPLS
With more stable and better application performance than using Internet links
Opitimization for all popular SaaS platforms (Office365, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, etc)

Typical Users

Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.