Introducing CloudWAN for SD-WAN, Cloud Networks and Branch LAN/WLAN

CloudWAN is an enterprise-ready SD-WAN solution that delivers the agility, performance and security that globally distributed enterprises need today. CloudWAN combines AppEx ZetaTCP® acceleration technology to enable fast, flexible and reliable cross-border connections and application delivery.

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CloudWAN Architecture

AppEx CloudWAN POP

AppEx RTT (Real-Time TCP) Tunnel, AppEx WAN optimized internet link

Internet connection with AppEx asymmetric acceleration enabled on POP


Rapid Deployment

Deploy branch office network connectivity in less than 48 hours, no need to change customer’s existing network infrastructure

Greater Agility

Application-centric solution provides simpler and consistent performance and helps you get the best throughput and response time

Realized ROI

Reduce WAN costs by up to 90% with a simplified, centrally managed SD-WAN architecture

Enhanced Performance

Accelerate cross-nation data transport up to 100x with ZetaTCP® acceleration technology and adaptive multipath routing optimization

Secure Delivery

Edge-to-edge encrypted tunnels deliver the applications and data needed by remote branch offices without the risk of having data in uncontrolled environments

CloudWAN Global Network

Use Cases

Scenario Common Problems Expected Improvements
SaaS applications(Office365, Salesforce, Workday, etc.) Slow page loads Reduce page load time from minutes to seconds
OA, ERP, CRM, etc. Slow response Reduce response time from minutes to seconds
Live streaming High interruption and re-buffering rate Enable smooth HD live streaming
Data synchronization / File transmission Slow transmission Significantly increase transmission speed
Remote desktop application Lagging and poor user experience LAN like response time and user experience
Video conferencing Mosaic and video stuck Clear and smooth video streaming
Web browsing Slow page loads Significantly reduce page wait time

Comparison with Legacy Technologies

  • IPLC: international private leased circuit
  • MPLS: multiprotocol label switching
  • CloudWAN SD-WAN solution

Higher Speed

IPLC provides Average transport speed

MPLS offers Lower than average speed

CloudWAN delivers matching or higher speed compared to IPLC

Faster Deployment

IPLC deployment requires one to six months

MPLS requires a minimum deployment time of one month

CloudWAN can be deployed within 8 to 48 hours

Lower Cost

IPLC is the most expensive option

MPLS is more affordable than IPLC, but still very expensive

CloudWAN provides the same enterprise-grade bandwidth capacity at a fraction of cost of MPLS

About Us

AppEx Networks is a leader in data transport acceleration and optimization for web, mobile and cloud applications. Our patented ZetaTCP® is the most widely deployed asymmetric TCP acceleration technology. Headquartered in San Jose, California, AppEx Networks has more than 1000 enterprise customers worldwide, including global fortune 500 companies.

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