AppEx accelerates CacheFly CDN

Cupertino, California (PRWEB) October 10, 2013 – CacheFly, one of the highest performing content delivery networks (CDN) in the world, has chosen to implement AppEx Networks’ LotServer software to boost the transport of rich media. CacheFly delivers CDN solutions to thousands of customers worldwide, including website acceleration and streaming media and software distribution.

TCP transmission rates between data centers and most importantly end users are a huge factor in CDN performance, Installing LotServer onto our CDN servers has greatly elevated delivery performance across our entire network.

Matt Levine, CTO of CacheFly.

Complementary to CDNs, AppEx’s transport-acceleration software mitigates the performance impact of packet loss and latency. LotServer leverages AppEx ZetaTCP® technology to transparently accelerate content and application delivery through the Internet. As a clientless solution, users do not need to install additional software or plugins. It can be runtime installed on any Linux- or Windows-based server in minutes without affecting existing services and connections.

Through the deployment of LotServer, Cachefly has been able to significantly augment dynamic web content access performance while helping customers expand their global footprint within existing infrastructures.

About AppEx Networks, Inc.

AppEx Networks is a leader in WAN Optimization and Application Delivery Network technologies. AppEx offers a number of product lines of appliances and software, featuring protocol acceleration, byte cache, compression, bandwidth management, link load balancing, server load balancing, etc., which have been widely deployed in many businesses, institutions, and government offices, including some of the Fortune 100 companies. AppEx has developed and owns the patents of a number of unique technologies, such as ZetaTCP®, IPEQ®, and HyperCompression, etc.

AppEx was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Cupertino, CA, with over 100 employees globally.

About Cachefly

CacheFly pioneered the use of TCP Anycast in 2002, creating the world’s first TCP Anycast based content delivery network. CacheFly has a strong focus on static content delivery and provides a 100% service level agreement and a free 30-day trial. Chicago-based Cachefly delivers content for over 2500 clients (incl. Toyota, Bank of America, LG), based in over 80 countries around the globe. For more information about CacheFly CDN, please visit: