AppEx selected by China Telecom E-Surfing Media Co., Ltd to deliver high speed video transmission

Beijing, China -Sep 29, 2014-E-Surfing Media Co., Ltd, also called TV189, formerly known as China Telecom's video operations center has selected AppEx LotServer to speed up its wireless video services.

Since declaring its exclusive operation of China Telecom’s video business in 2012, TV189’s footprint has expanded from mobile to cross-screen, PC, PAD and OTT TV services. With the leading mobile streaming and video downloads technologies, TV189 is now providing high-definition online video services to more than 90million mobile users in China.

To bring high-quality services to its wireless video users and overcome the nature of the wireless unstable conditions and the congestions, TV189 chose AppEx LotServer to improve its video transmission. AppEx LotServer has been proved to be the best solution for moving large files across the Internet as well as high-definition wireless video transmission. With AppEx patented ZetaTCP® technology, LotServer remarkably enhanced the performance of network video streaming and data transmission by reducing network congestion, latency and loss.

With the deployment of AppEx LotServer, TV189 now can provide a smooth and extraordinary experience to its wireless video users and further strengthen its competitiveness in wireless video service market in China.

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