IQIYI selects AppEx to speed up its video services

Beijing, China-Apr25, 2014- IQIYI, one of the leading online video service providers in China has purchased AppEx LotServer software to accelerate its video services. One of the subsidiaries of IQIYI Corporation-PPS had selected AppEx LotServer for network television acceleration back in 2011.

With its established brand philosophy “Always Fun, Always Fine”, IQIYI has been actively involved in all-round innovation in product, technology, content and marketing ever since its official launch on April, 2010, aiming at providing users with professional video service with variety, HD quality and smoothness. To better serve its customers in China, IQIYI selected AppEx LotServer to improve its video streaming. By the deployment of LotServer, the average percentage of users who experienced video lagging has decreased from 20% to 13%, The user experience has been significantly promoted.

By leveraging AppEx ZetaTCP® technology, LotServer can significantly improve transport layer performance by enhancing the bandwidth efficiency and stability of the transmissions, as well as mitigating packet loss and latency. Impressed by the ease of implementation and the effectiveness of AppEx LotServer, IQIYI has purchased 2500 AppEx LotServer licenses for its web servers across the country.

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