AppEx and Alibaba Cloud Collaborate to Help Clients Improve Cloud Experience

Alibaba Cloud Computing (, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, launched AppEx Serverspeeder software on its cloud computing service platform in April, 2014.

Alibaba cloud computing service platform offers a complete suite of service offerings, including elastic computing, database services and storage and large scale computing services to online sellers and other third parties. As of December 31, 2013, over 980,000 customers were using Alibaba Cloud Computing services directly or indirectly through independent software vendors. It is now became the largest public cloud platform in Chna.

To build a powerful and efficient cloud ecosystem, Alibaba brought AppEx Serverspeeder into its network acceleration tool catalog on With AppEx patented technology ZetaTCP®, Serverspeeder helps to improve the user experience over cloud, Mobile infrastructure, and multiple Service Providers cases. Serverspeeder soon became one of the most popular software on since its launching. It comes for both Linux and Windows based solution, and offers 20Mbps(offered permanently free), 50Mbps and 100Mbps accelerated traffic throughput to meet different customers need.

You can obtain Serverspeeder from Alibaba Cloud Computing at the following links:

Windows version:

Linux version:

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