Shinhan Bank


Shinhan Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Korea. It has a branch in Beijing. Its operations require its Beijing employees to access many Korean and American websites. The high latency, high package loss of normal internet causes long loading times for websites and slow response times. This affects operational efficiency.


To solve the problem facing Beijing branch of Shinhan Bank, AppEx networks suggested CloudWAN to improve cross country connection speeds.

AppEx CloudWAN Topology

Solution Overview

Two CloudWAN connection devices were added to the two independent 20Mbps Telecom Internet outlets at the Beijing branch to for a network bridge. CloudWAN optimize the division and guidance of data through the two channels to CloudWAN backbone network; This results in much faster out of country connections. This system is setup so that it does not consume CloudWAN resources while visiting domestic websites.

Acceleration Effects

Before using CloudWAN connection speeds were extremely slow. In some cases, it couldn’t even connect to Korean or American websites normally.

Optimization Value

1.Increased efficiency from faster connections to out of country websites

2.Faster deployment, saves users’ time and money

3.Get rid of the need to spend money and time on building or using dedicated line

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