AppEx CloudWAN optimizes Lenovo’s Cross-­‐boarder Workday Application Access

As one of the leading providers of enterprise applications, Workday serves more than 1,000 organizations, ranging from medium-­‐sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises. Lenovo is one of these customers accessing the Workday applications hosted on the East Coast of the United States.

Lenovo users in China needed to access Workday servers located in Washington D.C. to research, report and transfer files on a daily basis. Webpages were loading slowly and file transfers took a long time because of the network distance and uneven performance of the Internet.

The following data shows the response times with the original access solution.

This poor performance impacted employee productivity. To solve these issues and to reduce the MPLS monthly cost, Lenovo decided to try the SD-­‐WAN solution provided by AppEx Networks: CloudWAN. Lenovo connected to CloudWAN’s nearest PoP from its Beijing HQ, then connected to Workday through another Cloud PoP near its Washington D.C. servers. To guarantee high availability, a backup PoP was assigned to Lenovo at the same time for redundancy. Lenovo users can now connect to the Workday application quickly and with good performance. Below is a picture of the current configuration:

With CloudWAN’s globally distributed PoPs, users based in any branch office of Lenovo can now access the Workday system quickly and with good performance.

Figure 3: CloudWAN PoPs around the Globe

The following data shows some examples of the improvement provided by CloudWAN over the original access solutions.

With CloudWAN, the latency and packet loss were reduced dramatically. The rate of packet loss was almost zero. This clearly shows that CloudWAN provides a stable data transfer rate.


CloudWAN improves cross-­‐boarder application access in the following ways:

1.CloudWAN leverages AppEx asymmetric TCP acceleration technology, which also improves the performance of mobile offices;

2.CloudWAN provides dynamic route optimization managed by an SDN centralized controller, which guarantees high availability;

3.Global PoP distribution breaks the boundaries between countries. PoPs can be expanded quickly based on business requirements;

4.AppEx RTT Tunnel secures customer data with encrypted data transfer;

5.CloudWAN can be setup within one day: and there is no setup fee, which can save customers up to 60% in initial costs.

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